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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 11, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc news live, congress taking aim at toyota and the u.s. government agency that oversees car safety. the potential new changes that could affect every single car on the road in the future. new revelations that nancy pelosi's office knew about congressman eric massa and allegations of sexual misconduct. republicans moving to reopen an ethics investigation. plus we'll take you inside afghanistan for an exclusive look at the taliban actually making bombs to target our troops. also ahead, a new book detailing the nation's grief after the death of a president. we'll take a look at heartfelt letters written to jackie kennedy. looking out for your health but does a proposed ban on salt in restaurants cross the line? a congress hearing started just minutes ago where the head
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of the national highway transportation safety administration is expected to face some tough questions about his agency's handling of toyota's sudden acceleration problems. in prepared testimony released, administrator says his agency may require brake override systems on all cars to fix the problem of uncontrollable slayings. top over sight and government reform committee, investigating nhtsa and toyota for this problem. >> now you know why they call it nhtsa, because those letters are too hard to read off. >> you can pass the test putting out the acronym. they say cars accelerated. people saying they will never
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get behind a toyota again. how do you think is at fault, the automaker, the organization? >> the answer is yes. public confidence in nhtsa for allowing it to go on and toyota reacting different ways in different countries for bakely the same problem. both of them are at the heart of it. what we see in toyota, their ceo coming before congress saying we made a mistake. we're going to use every means possible to change the way we do business. we're going to fix the past and not do it in the future. that remains to be seen. now nhtsa, we see an agency that hasn't requested additional money in years, doing business as usual, which isn't good enough. we hope to see real reform there, too. rementioned david strickland is going to testify. he's expected to say they did not receive a remarkable number of complaints from toyota drivers. if that is the case, if they get
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a few complaints here and there, you think of the volume of vehicles sold, how isis the agency made a wrong move, didn't move aggressively when there's not an onslaught of complaints out there. >> he's only been on board for -- >> i hope he did research before that statement. >> his boss before secretary lahood said they didn't want david on board because he hadn't been there long enough. he laid out clearly the mistakes made. one of them we agree on, at a time in japan they were reduced the size of the pedal do you to carpet entrapment, the nhtsa fix was to have the carpet informally withdrawn. if you don't have enough clearance that something as simple as carpet could entrap the pedal, it's clear there's not enough. now they are carving down and
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replacing pedals with pedals that have more clearance. that's a mechanical mistake, nhtsa shouldn't have allowed a fix to be used that wasn't good enough instead of a broad fix that got to heart of the problem. >> let me ask you about the brake override system? do you think that's a good idea? also the fact toyota doesn't want to turn over black box information in these investigations? >> certainly there were encamera ways, meaning not available to the public, proprietary information can be reviewed. i look forward to working with manufacturers on coming up with a system that protects their intellectual property but gets to the bottom of safety. the question of brake overrider, fail-safe electronics that really can give somebody a simple, predictable, across the board, no matter what car you have know you'll be safe when you step on the brake. that has to be implementation mentioned, other experts brought
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in, if we're going to get to an agreed standard all the auto manufacturers -- they are all doing drive-by wire today to some extent. we have to get to that. nhtsa has to be part of it. the department of transportation has to take the lead. secretary lahood says he will take a look at it and intends to convene that summit. >> nice to have you on. hope to see you soon. thank you. >> thank you very much. following resignation of new york democrat eric massa accused of sexually harassing staffers, house minority leader john boehner introduced a resolution to have the house ethics panel reopen the investigation. the resolution passed overwhelmingly. while the vote sends the matter to the ethics committee, it does not require the committee to act, which a gop aide charges is the democrat's way of trying to sweet this one under the rug. meanwhile there are new revelations that the office of house speaker nancy pelosi knew about complaints regarding massa
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months ago. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. kelly, make the distinction why they are pointing out this is the office of speaker pelosi, not the speaker herself who knew about at least one complaint. >> that is what top aides are saying. when you think about the office of the speaker of the house. that is a big management organization. that is different than the speaking knowing herself, much like does a ceo know everything going on in a company. doesn't mean are others won't find responsibility but nancy pelosi knew in october. they do say massa staff brought about serns, raised those saying it was foul language in the office they found questionable, questions about his living arrangements where he was sharing a place with staffers. that's where it began. they say there were only rumors about other things later on. what we saw on the house floor, the introduction of a resolution
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which passed overwhelmingly to go to the ethics committee and say let's try to find out what was known by leadership. the massa part is over, now it's about who knew what and did they do the right things. tamron. the same line of deadly storms which ripped through arkansas last night is creating trouble in florida. at least five tornadoes touched down in arkansas and louisiana. one of the twisters was actually caught on this tape. the storms killed one person, seriously injured at least three others and damaged dozens of homes. right now a tornado watch is under way for parts of central florida including orlando, tampa and daytona beach. weather channel's nick walker is tracking the very latest on the storm. nick, what are you looking at? >> reporter: tamron, we're looking at that tornado watch that's out until 6:00 this evening. it's within that watch area we've seen strong thunderstorms here. north of orlando, lake county, orange county, seminole county under severe thunderstorm
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warning. we could see 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts. another prompted a tornado warning in the west coast. this for citrus, look out around in vernes. this is going to be ongoing as we get through the afternoon. more energy in texas coming into play for overnight tonight, into louisiana, onto mississippi once again. we could see overnight storms producing damaging winds, perhaps tornadoes. make sure you have a way to get those warnings while you sleep. >> appreciate it. at this hour, president obama meeting with members of the congressional black caucus. it is the first of two meetings for the president with important congressional groups at the white house. nbc's mike viqueira is live. tell us first about this first meeting and how this factors in to how the ball will move forward hopefully in the president's opinion for health care reform? >> well, the congressional black caucus scheduled to begin their meeting 1:45, 20 minutes ago in washington. the congressional hispanic caucus due later this afternoon. couple of things.
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first of all, the black caucus has a couple of points of conflict with the president apart from health care. one has to do with the war in afghanistan. they are very upset with the way that is going forward. the other has to do with some of what they perceive as snubs from the white house to the caucus, some vitriolic back and forth between west wing leaders and senior members of the black caucus. you're right. two things, tamron, we did not officially but everybody assumed had become official in the last 30 minutes here in washington. number one, robert gibbs, white house secretary briefing right now told reporters that march 18th deadline that he first put forward on msnbc about a week ago, it could slip a couple of days. everybody sort of knew that even though the white house expressed an interest in having a vote in the house of representatives, by the time the president left on his trip to southeast asia and australia, it wasn't going to happen. if you look at the calendar it's all but impossible. they don't even have a bill to take up if they wanted to.
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also, reconciliation is the way to go. harry reid wrote to mitch mcconnell saying this is what they would try to do. they call it an up or down vote. president working inside or outside with these vital groups and yesterday holding two rallies in st. louis and st. charles, missouri, trying to drum up support along with a couple of fundraisers for the health care bill. they are talking about going to ohio early next week to try to keep the public pressure on tamron. >> mike, thank you very much. another story developing right now, prosecutors in california say a child molester is about to be set free. it appears he'll be rearrested as soon as he gets out of jail. george joseph england spent three years behind bars after he was convicted of sexually assaulting three girls in costa mesa in 1977. he fled before sentencing and spent 29 years as a fugitive before his eventual arrest in 2005. england's release is scheduled for tomorrow.
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but the orange county district attorney said he'll be immediately arrested out of palm beach, california. details are not clear but the d.a. says the case may involve child pornography. they have also issued a warning this man is about to be released. in chile another after shock hit close to santiago. it measured 6.9 before the newly elected president was sworn in. a tsunami warning was issued as a precaution. it has since been canceled. behind the scenes, the taliban, an exclusive look at the bombmakers who want all foreign troops out of the country. a desperate fight, a new jersey father tries to bring his children back from south korea. his wife is under arrest. so where are the children? and later, the letters written to jackie kennedy in the days and weeks after america lost a president. some of the letters are becoming
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welcome back. we're following breaking news at msnbc. a suspected gang member willie clark found guilty in the shooting death of quarterback williams. he was killed back in 2007 on new year's day. he and some friends were in the limo. a vehicle pulled up on the side, opened fire killing williams. prosecutors say that the man now found guilty, willie clark, was angry over an altercation involving friends of williams. it happened ena nightclub. his attorney said he was made a scapegoat. the jury disagreeing and finding him guilty after deliberating for a day and a half. afghan president karzai is
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visiting and says they have an important role with taliban. they are unleashing deadly attacks and demanding all troops leave the country. our british partner in london for an exclusive behind the scenes look at taliban bombmakers in the tora bora mountains. >> reporter: in the tora bora mountains that once sheltered osama bin laden they prepare to kill troops. they were driven out of these caves but now they are back making bombs. they show the news how they assemble them, on top fertilizer, car parts, nails, glass, crude and deadly shrapnel. we use anthrax, too, he claims, so when the bomb explodes it
2:17 pm
produces a toxic anthrax cloud. he offers no proof that the taliban are making chemical bombs. he identifies himself as regional commander. he says foreign troops should get out of afghanistan. sending more is no solution. they will simply face more existence. karzai can stay as president, he says, but the foreigners must go. then after adding razor blades, the two bombs in the pressure cookers were ready. this was a fake bomb. afghan troops training, the u.s. defense secretary watching and warning this week of very hard days to come. >> there is still much fighting ahead, and there will assuredly be more dark days. in the u.s. britain's foreign secretary said there could be peace in as little as two years. he urged president karzai to work harder for a political deal
2:18 pm
to include moderate taliban. >> now is the time for afghans to pursue a political settlement with as much vigor and energy as we are pursuing the civilian effort. >> reporter: president karzai will host a national conference next month. today he was talking to iran's president ahmadinejad who said foreign troops are no solution and should get out. the u.s. accused him of stirring up trouble. back in the mountains the fighters leave to plant their bombs and cause real trouble. a coalition aircraft overhead makes them pause but not stop. their attacks and coalition deaths rising still. >> i should just point out we don't know where those bombs went. we don't know who the targets were. our cameraman was asked to leave immediately after taking that final shot. it's pretty clear from that,
2:19 pm
many in the east of the country and perhaps across afghanistan in the taliban simply not interested in dialogue. tamron. some heartfelt letters written to jackie kennedy after the president was assassinated. we will read you some of them and talk about this amazing book next. the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we are getting a fresh reminder of the grieving of the country after the assassination of president john f. kennedy. in the days, weeks, and months after his death, jackie kennedy received over 2.5 million letters from people around the world and the country. she spoke about those letters of condolence in an interview with nbc news in 1964. >> each and every message is to be treasured, not only for my children but for the future generations will know how much our country and people of other nations thought of him. >> some of those letters from
2:23 pm
the first lady became public, published in a new book, letters to jackie. ellen joins us. thank you for joining me? >> thank you. >> so how do you do the process of taking 2.5 million letters and putting just a few, when you think of the number, in that book. how do you whittle it down? >> the national archives unwittingly made it easier. unfortunately they pulped many of these letters, most of them they destroyed in the 1960s so they had no room to store them. so in the john f. kennedy library today, there's about 15,000 letters from americans left over and that was the general condolence male i went through. >> i bet it was an amazing process for you. i want to start off one of the letters, lorraine, from wood haven, new york, written december 4th, 1963.
2:24 pm
the letter sent from his brother. i personally could not have expressed my sorrow and grief had it been my own dad. my only consolation he's met his heavenly father and eternal reward and is now being repaid for his short visit on earth. i've got to ask you, how do you keep from fighting back the tears. it brings it back to heart when you read these letters? >> yes, it does. what was so striking about the collection is the incredible eloquence of so-called ordinary americans. the diversity of the letter writers are coal miners, dairy farmers, republicans, democrats, school children. i was extremely taken by how profound and wise and heart feld their sentiments were. >> three more. one from annie, a peace corps worker in ethiopia. i know you're familiar with it.
2:25 pm
i feel now as if a member of my family had died. a very real sense, he's our idol. he's the reason for us being here, his idealism and courage. young children. we have tomorrow smith, i'm very disturbed because i saw him a mere two minutes before the fatal shot was fired. i couldn't believe it when i heard it over the radio five minutes later. i felt like i was in a daze. to dallas, time has halted. tommy smith, he was 14. the way people expressing, this from a child. how do you feel when you read his letter particularly? >> i found his letter extraordinary because of the proximity of his having just seen the president. there are many letters from people in dallas who had been at love field, lined the motorcade route. they literally got back to their cars, turned on the radio, and
2:26 pm
heard that the president had been shot when a few minutes before they had seen him hand some, vibrant, smiling, healthy, enjoying the moment. >> it's an incredible collection of letters. it's a great pleasure to speak with you. hopefully people will share it with their families. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. more results coming in from the election in iraq. new allegations of voter fraud. the latest from baghdad live. plus first came the trans fat ban now a new york lawmaker wants restaurants to hold the salt. you get no choice in the matter if he gets his way. is it crossing the line? hmm. this is msnbc. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots.
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the mystery surrounding an international kidnapping story is now getting deeper. the five-year-old boy was reportedly kidnapped from his grandmother's home in pakistan. earlier today pakistani officials said they had been
2:30 pm
found. then they said they made a mistake. dawn, a friesen reporting. >> the confusion continues to grow. today there are reports the father returned against the police. they believe he is still in pakistan. it seems no one can make contact with him. it seems he may have gone into hiding. not clear why he's not been named as a suspect in this kidnapping. then there were reports from pakistani ministers that the boy had been found alive. but within just a few hours that was retracted. officials saying that was a case of mistaken i hdentity a boy ha been freed but not this five-year-old. he's a british boy, seized by an armed gang in pakistan as he was
2:31 pm
about to leave with miss father in a taxi to the airport to come home to the uk. police say they have arrested several men, including a taxi driver and four police officers suspended because they didn't initially respond to the family's emergency call. the boy's mother is devastated. she's pleaded for his release saying she'll forgive his captors if they give him up unharmed. they claim the kidnappers are demanding a ransom of about $150,000. there's another twist to the story. pakistan's high commissioner to london says it appears someone very close to the family may be involved of family members vigorously deny that. in the midst of the confusion, the whereabouts of a five-year-old boy remains a mystery. >> dawn, a freesen reporti -- d
2:32 pm
chief correspondent richard engel in baghdad, is there a fear there might be violence? >> reporter: no, we're not anywhere near that stage. i don't think you can say they are plaguing this election process. all we've seen so far are officials in iraq responsible for organizing coming out and announcing partial results. those partial results show prime minister maliki is in a slight lead over his rivals. you saw alawi and a figure with a colorful past now with an islamic party both coming out saying they have evidence of fraud. it is too early, not enough allegation to challenge the
2:33 pm
elections let alone cause violence in the streets, tamron. >> so how are they handling the allegations of fraud, richard? is it seen as a complaint from these two individual and they move forward from there. >> reporter: no. there's a formal complaint process. we spoke to allowi's people. they will file. it could take a month before results are certified. this is an expected part of the electoral process, if you will. there were reports of irregularities when we were out on voting day. we did see irregularities ourselves. people found names that weren't registered on lists. this complaints process is something that was expected, anticipated. but if it gets out of hand, then as you suggested earlier, it is something that could call into question the credibility of the elections. but this is still the first time that iraq has ever organized and secured a national parliamentary
2:34 pm
election on its own, so it is not to be -- it is to be expected there are these kind of challenges. >> all right. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. thank you, richard. there was violence in greece as protester clashed with police. a nationwide strike against the government's harsh spending cuts. transportation halted, flights grounded, hospitals reduced to emergency staff only as workers protested against the government's measures which were introduced last week. the lockdown over for minneapolis school students. police determined an internet threat against one of the schools, not to be credible. school officials say their unprecedented decision to lock schools for 72 days was a precautionary measure, a result of someone posting on a myspace stage an alleged threat. the posting said a male would could to a minneapolis school and shoot it up.
2:35 pm
in kansas city, missouri, almost half of city schools will be closed by the fall. the drastic decision by the school board there meant to plug $50 million deficit. the city's superintendent says it's a painful decision but unquestionably the right thing to do. tiger woods and president bush might soon have something or someone in common. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. >> the angle we want to pursue here. >> might not want to say someone, got tiger woods in a lot of trouble. >> ari flesher reportedly meeting with him in florida to rebuild his image. he did the same thing after mark maguire's steroid scandal. back to the golf course, the best possible thing he can do,
2:36 pm
the arnold palmer. if he wants to be in the masters, he would make that the first. he goes in the masters to win. he doesn't do it to play. it would make total sense he do the arnold palmer invitation on the 25th if that's what he's angling for. in other news, talking about how politics imitate life imitate art, that case of thing. in the case of "24," the series of jack bower fighting terrorism, the head of the cia saying, you know what, president bush watched "24." maybe that's where they got some of their ideas. she said bush, cheney and rumsfeld watched "24." americans were keen people like us didn't find out what they were doing. asked whether president bush, she was referring to vice president dick cheney and defense secretary donald rumsfeld watched the show, one senior official said we're not aware of their television habits, we doubt they were taking time out of their busy
2:37 pm
day to watch "24" and get ideas. >> very strange. >> can we please make the point and i want to make it specifically, things like "the hurt locker" where all the critics come out and say that's not accurate, how it happened. it's not a documentary. it's a television show. they are ideas out there, let's get people thinking about them. >> you mean business because she whipped out her eyeglasses. >> watch out. >> you mean business, good gracious. >> talking about him earlier, he's announced he's doing a 30-day tour. he'll be back doing standup not on television. we've been talking about his twitter following. he's chosen one person to follow in return. that person is 19-year-old sarah killen. her life has totally changed since this has happened. she's been offered off-she's about to be married. her wedding is paid for through offers. she got a new computer for it. she was supposed to be on larry
2:38 pm
king but bumped because of the death of corey haim. even conan weighed in on the fact she was bumped by larry kin. amazing the touch he can have. she went from dozens to 20,000 was he friended her or followed her. >> got the golden touch on twitter. >> for the latest entertainment news, logon to you can get courtney's scoop. a close call for a wild animal in pennsylvania. emergency officials worked to rescue a dear that became trapped in a frozen lake this morning. teams use rope to reach the frightened animal and then they were able to pull her out. you see her head peeking out. the deer likely suffered hypothermia. they plan to release her to a nearby wooded area. i want to see her get out. okay. well, she got out. they got her out. still ahead, a new jersey
2:39 pm
father speaks out about the fight to get custody of his children. his wife is under arrest. the question remains, where are those children? "forbes" magazine announces the richest man in the world. it's not either of the two fellows you're looking at. we'll tell you and coming up at 3:00 p.m., business mogul russell simmons joins david to share his secrets of success. you're watching msnbc. taste. delicious new pringles multigrain. new multigrain pops with pringles. just, out of the blue at 43. now i'm on an aspirin regimen because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack. yeah, i just don't understand why you didn't call. yeah, well, i was on e-trade, ya know,
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infant dvds at a young age scored younger on vocabulary tests. another new jersey father is fighting an international custody battle. he says his wife refuses to bring their five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter home from cor yachlt the couple lived there together and he returned in may expecting his family to follow. they never did. this week his wife was arrested. tomorrow she's expected to be extradit extradited. tom joins us. i know you have developing details as far as extradition. >> i spoke with the attorney for the mother. she was supposed to be extradited tomorrow. it's not going to ham. she's in jail in guam. the prosecutor handling the case says he's not sure when she'll be extra indicted -- extradited. she will be. >> this is heartbreaking. it happens a lot, these international custody battles. what kind of help is this man
2:44 pm
getting to prove his case and get his kids back. >> it's more common than people think. after the story ran on ms, somebody e-mailed me and said the same thing was happening to him with his kids. the third high-profile case. he went to juilliard, played in the lion king. he was a violinist. she also was. they move to korea. he doesn't like it. he moves back and she accuses him of sexual molestation. the timing was very strange, because it happened right after they got into a fight about her not coming to new jersey. i have two important documents. one a psychological report, one a police report about the sexual molestation. both are dated a month after it happened. the timing is strange. contessa asked him about this when he was on the air earlier today and here is what he had to
2:45 pm
say. >> i went to korea, volunteered information. i answered their questions and there was nothing to pursue so they let me go. >> reporter: the kids are believed to be somewhere in cor yachlt the lawyer for the mother says they are with the grandparents. he says it's been a month since he's talked to the kids chlgt you have a mother incarcerated in guam, a father in new jersey and two little kids in south korea without their parents. >> thank you very much. i know you'll update us if something comes out of that, especially with extradition. a new sign, the unemployment improving, labor department saying initial jobless claims fell slightly by 6,000 by last week. the jobless rate has not risen since october. unemployment expected to be 9.5 throughout the year. expect to pay more next time you pay for tropicana orange juice. they are shrinking their popular size by 8% while maintaining
2:46 pm
their price and raising the price on another brand in may. they are passing higher costs stemming from the freeze that hurt florida's orange crop this winter. we turn to the richest person in the world, for the first time it's someone not in the united states that tops "forbes" rich list. michelle caruso-cabrera joins us. quite interesting. >> his name is carlos slim worth $53.5 billion. he's a mexican telecom magnet and edges out bill gates by a half million dollars who turned out to be $53 billion. making third on the list, warren buffett, $57 billion as well. carlos slim's holding in telecom that boosted him to the top of the list. he controls all the land lines in mexico, a large percentage, more than 80%. has he huge mobile phone companies throughout latin america. that showed a lot of growth over the last couple of years.
2:47 pm
particularly in brazil. that's helped him out a lot. he is -- rupp's a huge industrial conglomerate. so many businesses has he. a hotel chain, restaurant chain, cigarettes, oil platforms, brokerage firm, commercial bank, insurance company. he's got 250,000 employees. he's deeply controversial in mexico because he is so wealthy in a country that has a high level of poverty. there's a lot of folks that think if that company liberalized the economy and fought off giant holdings by different individuals, he's not the only one in mexico, there would be improvements in the mexican economy. certainly he's there at the top of the list and huge growth in cell phones. >> bill gates $53 million, warren buffett, $47 billion. >> it's mind boggling. >> silly me i can't get used to say billion. i should get used to it. thank you very much, michelle. greatly appreciate it.
2:48 pm
you often send us interesting tweets on stories. my senior producer said did you get a tweet, something interesting. i have one. many i can't read but one i'll read. why can't msnbc afford a chair for tamron hall. in wake of us talking about billions of dollars maybe we'll ask carlos slim to foot the bill on a chair around here. let me know your thoughts on other things, i bet you tweet about this, new york tries to hold the salt. is it crossing the line? a state lawmaker proposing a ban on salt in restaurants. woman down from nasal allergy attack. but we've got the ammunition she needs: omnaris. (troops) omnaris! to the nose. (general) omnaris works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris fights nasal allergy symptoms that occur from allergic inflammation... relieve those symptoms with omnaris. side effects may include headache, nosebleed and sore throat. her nose is at ease. we have lift off. (general) remember omnaris! ask your doctor. in the battle against nasal allergy symptoms, omnaris combats the cause.
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there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. former governor blagojevich did the top ten list on david letterman show. he asked himself ten questions before he agreed to appear on celebrity apprentice. here is what he said.
2:52 pm
>> number six, is there any chance nbc will replace me with leno. number two, how come i'm not a governor and paterson is. >> wow. sarah palin is scheduled to testify next month at the trial of a tennessee college student accused of trying to get into her yahoo! e-mail account when she was running for vice president in 2008. among the charges the student is facing is stealing her identity and allegedly posted e-mails online when controversy was rising over her use of e-mail accounts to conduct business for the state of alaska. a hearing at secretary of state hillary clinton marking international women's day first lady michelle obama got the secretary of state's title a little mixed up. >> let me thank my dear friend senator clinton -- secretary clinton.
2:53 pm
i almost said president clinton. >> those are things we thought you should know. crossing the line, you tell me. most people, if you're healthy, should have about a teaspoon of salt a day. on average, though, we're consuming twice that amount. a new york legislator has an idea to cure what some are calling an addiction. he wants to ban the use of salt at straupts. a salty dish would leave the bitter taste in the mouth of a chef because they get a $1,000 fine. joining me felix ortiz. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me on your program. >> obviously a lot of people say this is yet again of the government getting in the way of what we want to do. if i want to salt my food, why shouldn't i be able to. what's your idea behind this? >> we have to look at it from a positive perspective. if we lower the sodium in the preparation of food in restaurants, the country will be
2:54 pm
able to save close to $32 billion on medical costs. also we'll be able to save close to 1 million lives suffering from heart attack as a result of a high level of sodium that today we are consuming. the bill really is aiming to make sure people get the right education, the right awareness about the problem and consequences of sodium. the purpose is to make sure we can save lives at the end of the day as well as reducing medical costs in this country. >> what about the businesses, the restaurant owners that say their business would suffer. i have a quote from a famous chef, anybody who wants to taste food with no salt, go to the hospital and taste that. what about the businesses that would suffer under this rule of no salt? >> i think the businesses would benefit from the purpose of this legislation. i think the benefit of this is
2:55 pm
that the businesses will give the opportunity to the consumer to this bill to make a choice, a choice of whether or not the individual, the consumer, would like to have sodium on their preparation of the food or not. it's an alternative option the consumer would have. better yet, the restaurant and chef would have a better opportunity to educate the consumer better and we will have a better lifestyle in our country. >> well, it's an interesting proposal. i've got one question for you. did you have any salt today? >> i did. it was a minimum. we all need a little bit. >> okay. i'm going to have to investigate that. it's a great pleasure having you on. tell us if he's crossing the line. is it too much to say to a restaurant, no salt? go to vote on this one or twitter me your response. that wraps up this hour.
2:56 pm
i'm tamron hall. you can join me tomorrow each weekday 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. we are here for you. david shuster up next. what do you have coming up. tamron, another rough day for toyota. they took aim at safety inspectors who seemed asleep at the switch. we'll talk about that. we'll interview russell simmons as part of our series, get to work america. he's got great ideas for people thinking about starting up businesses. he started up businesses once upon a time as you probably know. finally make new information about the fascinating story we told you yesterday, the mysterious lights over cleveland. a lot of theories these are ufos. we've limit natured some possibilities. we'll explain after this.
2:57 pm
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